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Click on "Generate" or press your spacebar to create a new game idea.

Click on a single category to refresh just that part of the idea.

Click the lock icon to lock in a part of the idea.

About this game idea generator

Welcome to my random game idea generator, a powerful (and silly) tool designed to ignite your creativity and inspire fresh concepts for video games, and perhaps even board games. I understand the importance of captivating prompts that challenge your imagination, so this idea generator is designed to make it easier to come up with good game ideas.

More than 10,000,000,000 combinations

With more than 10 billion combinations at your disposal, you are guaranteed to generate... something. Certainly a lot of random game ideas. No promises. *shrugs*.

Randomize all, randomize one

When you click "Generate", the generator will pick a random option from each of the five categories: genre, setting, primary mechanic, objective, and unusual mechanic.

You can also click on an individual category. When you click on an individual category, the generator will keep the other categories as-is and randomize just that category.

5 Unique Categories


The genre sets the overall style and category of your game. It can range from action-packed adventures to immersive role-playing experiences, strategy-driven challenges, simulation-based gameplay, or even puzzle-solving journeys.


The setting is the backdrop against which your game takes place. It can transport players to fantastical realms, futuristic worlds, historical periods, post-apocalyptic landscapes, or any other captivating environment you can imagine.


The mechanic refers to the core gameplay element that drives your game. It can be a unique combat system, puzzle-solving mechanics, exploration mechanics, strategic decision-making, platforming mechanics, or any other interactive element that defines the player's experience.


The objective defines the main goal or challenge that players must strive to achieve in your game. It can involve completing quests, solving mysteries, reaching specific milestones, overcoming obstacles, or any other engaging task that keeps players immersed and motivated.

Unusual Mechanic

The unusual mechanic introduces a distinct and unconventional gameplay element or constraint that adds a unique twist to your game. It can involve playing with limited visibility, time manipulation, gravity manipulation, unconventional control schemes, or any other innovative feature that sets your game apart.

Jump-start your game :)

Feel free to leverage the generated prompts in any manner that suits your creative vision. I am genuinely excited to witness the game ideas that emerge from this process, so please don't hesitate to share your creations on Discord - especially any Unity game ideas!

If you have any suggestions for improvements or wish to connect with me directly, please feel free to reach out via email. You can reach me at

Let your imagination soar and craft exceptional games that captivate players worldwide!

This is a game idea generator by OccaSoftware